Website Design & Development

The principles of good design are unchanging and when applied will succeed regardless of the form. Red Letter offer a complete ‘script-to-screen’ service.

Website Design & Development

Your company needs a

Web Presence

Presence on the Internet has become an essential element in a company’s marketing strategy, offering world-wide, cost effective promotional potential, best assured by the right choice of web design company.

Competent design and development of a website requires essential skills which many web design companies do not fully master:


  • Concept & Visualisation.
  • Design, Structure & Layout.
  • Sourcing or creation of visual & textual content


  • Site development & programming.
  • Website publishing & ongoing technical maintenance.
  • Utilisation of the search engines.
  • Utilisation of social media.

The diverse scope of

Website Design

A website at it’s simplest can be a single page of text and images created with free software by almost anyone and published through a no-cost Internet Service Provider. Such a site would inevitably have visible and hidden design faults, unreliable server access & download speeds and may be ignored by robot Internet search engine software.

Alternately, a website could contain a company’s complete product database, allow e-commerce, include promotional or instructive multimedia, have 24/7 fast accessibility on a reliable, secure server and consistently appear at a high level in search engine results for specific key-phrases.


Reasons to choose

Red Letter

Red Letter offers an additional range of skills to ensure your website functions as an efficient, productive tool:

  • Copy-writing ‘In-House’ Service – Creating promotional & technical content or reworking your own text.
  • Business Management, UK & International Marketing experience equip us with an intuitive understanding of the need to ensure the cost effectiveness of all promotional expenditure. We advise clients to build a website that only contains the essential content sufficient to instigate contact from the visitor.
  • Combined experience in both the Video & Music Production industries provide Red Letter with additional multi-media skills.

Our complete ‘script-to-screen’ service creates, refreshes & expands websites  across the diverse and transforming spectrum of ‘Industry’.

Search Engine Optimisation

Equally as important as the website itself is it’s ability to be discovered via a search engine. Only 30 websites can be ranked on page 1 to 3 of Google !

Search Engine Optimisation

Can potential customers find

Your Website on the Search Engines ?

One could say, ‘ What is the point of having a website if it can’t be easily found on a Search Engine? ‘ … Otherwise, the website would only be seen by existing customers who had been given the domain name on a business card or by another direct method.

A search engine is a software system designed to search for and list information on the Internet, including webpages, images and document files. Search engine results are presented in a ranking order which is dependant upon many factors which are ever-changing and require perpetual monitoring.

The discipline and skill required to assist in the improvement or maintenance of rankings has been referred to as a ‘Black Art’ as many disreputable companies, after confusing their clients with technical jargon, charge unrealistic amounts for their Search Engine Optimisation work.

Red Letter believes that Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of the website and not an optional add-on service.

A verb in the English Dictionaries …

‘ Google ’

Domain & Website Hosting

In addition to the design, build and ongoing technical maintenance of your website, Red Letter provides a ‘One Stop Shop’ for your domain name, website hosting and email accounts.

Domain Name & Website Hosting

Only the best, most reliable

Website Hosting Service

As with any product or service there is a massive variation in quality. Website hosting is no exemption, where ‘cheap & cheerful’ hosting companies offer bargain-basement prices, but with bargain-basement performance & reliability !

Our chosen web-hosting company, for which we are a registered re-seller, delivers excellent, reliable & secure service with a solid hardware foundation. They are and always have been committed to use the latest and best hardware, using only high quality, name brand equipment. All their web-servers are powered by the most power-efficient processors available.

Also providing your

Domain Name & Email Service

Red Letter’s web-hosting service provides a ‘One Stop Shop’ by including, not only your website hosting facility, but also your domain name and your company’s email accounts (if required). One annual charge covers all these services, avoiding the inconvenience of dealing with two or three separate companies on an annual basis.

It is of course possible for us to register multiple domain names for your company ( i.e.; ; which would then also be included on the one annual charge covering all your company’s services.